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Blue Tail has been founded by Delphine Ronfot, an avid and enthusiastic animal professional, experienced in working in developing countries in Africa and Asia. This association was founded to fill the all-to-often existing gap between lacking skills in appropriate animal management or animal behaviour awareness of staff in many developing countries on one side, and the constantly evolving understanding of animal husbandry and management in the global community on the other.

The focus of Blue Tail Association (BTA) are wild animals in captivity, especially victims of the wildlife trade. As such BTA is working with governmental confiscation centres to improve the standards of care and management there. However we also work with zoos, local charities and companion animal shelters to improve conditions for all animals and increase understanding of animal welfare and conservation related issues.

To achieve this we work in collaboration with other experts of the field, e.g. veterinarians, animal behaviourists and educators to ensure that we are effectively working towards our objectives.